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This recipe is broken down into five compontents:

Lime Cloud

lime juice 0.30000
water 0.30000
sugar 0.30000
egg white powder 0.05000
Willpowder xanthan gum 0.00024

Dissolve sugar in water over medium heat. Meanwhile blend Willpowder egg white powder and lime juice until fully emulsified. Add Willpowder xanthan gum to sugar sirop, emulsifying continuously with a hand blender, scraping sides of the pot. Bring to a rolling boil and remove from heat. Allow to cool and emulsify sirop with lime juice mixture.
Pass through chinois.

Honey Gelato (20 servings)

milk 1.00000
honey 0.20000
tuttopan 0.10000

Heat 500 g milk with the honey. Meanwhile blend tuttopan and remaining milk (cold) with a hand blender.
Remove milk/honey emulsion from heat and emulsify with tuttopan mixture.
Pass through chinois.
Reserve cold overnight.
Re-emulsify and freeze in ice cream containers.

Watermelon Compact (25 servings)

Watermelon 1 melon

Cut watermelon into large cubes (1” cube)
Vacuum seal to tightly as possible (99.9%) to compact the watermelon.
Store frozen.

Pine Nut Praline (40 servings)

pine nuts 1.00000
sugar 0.40000

In large rondeau, melt sugar with 40 g water.
Once sugar is fully dissolved, add the pine nuts.
Toss continuously, ensuring that the nuts are evenly coated, and unitl the sugar has crystallized. This state is called “sabled”.(The sugar will look dry and no liquid sirop will remain on the bottom of the rondeau).
Shake nuts over a tami to remove excess sugar.
Return nuts to a clean rondeau over high heat.
With a large spoon, stir the nuts continuously, lifting underneath and scraping around the edges, ensuring even heating. The sugar coating will re-melt and start to caramelize.
Continue until nuts are well caramelized, and the bottom of the pan shows a dark residue.
Empty nuts between two sheets of parchment and roll into a sheet.
Cut into squares.
Powder praline in a robo coupe.

Chartreuse Meringue (35 servings)

sugar 0.25000
sugar, 10x 0.25000
egg whites 0.25000
chartreuse 0.07000

Combine egg whites and chartreuse and whip in a stand mixer.
When the egg whites have reached soft peaks, add superfine sugar slowly until the meringue is fully formed
Tami confectioner’s sugar and carefully fold into meringue. Do not overmix.
Pipe small kisses onto nonstick sheet trays (use a silpat if available).
Dry in an oven at 200 degrees for about an hour, or until dried throughout and crunchy.