Chocolate for 2

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This recipe is broken down into Six compontents:

Mom's Brownies

150 grams Chocolate
150 grams Butter
30 grams Espresso
15 grams Dark rum
1 gram Dark salt
150 grams Sugar
150 grams Icing sugar
150 grams Palm sugar
4 Eggs, whole
1 Vanilla bean
300 grams Walnut powder
125 grams Flour

Prepare a brownie in the traditional style:
Melt butter and chocolate separately, then mix together;
Whip eggs with sugars until fluffy;
Mix vanilla with dark rum and sea salt;
Tamis flour and walnut powder separately;
Mix all ingredients together carefully and allow to rest until cool;
Bake at 160 to 180 celsius for roughly 40 minutes (will depend on size of your tray)

Milk chocolate chantilly

200 grams Cream
200 grams Milk
200 grams Chocolate, milk
1 gram Willpowder Iota
.2 grams Willpowder Kappa

Bring cream and milk to a boil;
Shear in iota and kappa;
Strain over chocolate and emulsify with hand blender;
Allow to set, and whip until fluffy;
Reserve in piping bag.

Gianduja rocks

250 grams Milk
25 grams Water
32.5 grams Hazelnut praline
7.5 grams Hazelnut oil
85 grams Chocolate, dark
7.5 grams Cocoa paste
.5 grams Sucrose ester
1 gram Lecithin

Bring milk, water, praline, oil, lecithin and sucrose ester to a boil;
Strain over chocolates;
Strain again, and fill a siphon, charge twice;
Rest for 2 to 6 hours and allow to cool to room temperature;
Spray into molds, blast chill, and then spray with a dark chocolate coating spray.

Passion fruit vinaigrette

100 grams Passion fruit
35 grams Honey
1.5 grams Pectin, low methoxy
35 grams Cocoa butter
.5 grams Glycerin flakes

Bring the passion fruit to a boil with the honey and low methoxy pectin;
Warm the cocoa butter with glycerin flakes to 60 celsius, cool to below 45 celsius;
Allow the passion fruit to cool to about 28 celsius;
Emulsify the cocoa butter into the passion fruit as if you were making a mayonnaise;
Reserve cold.

Raspberry wafer

350 grams Raspberry puree
90 grams Egg white
60 grams Icing sugar
2.5 grams Xanthan gum

Blend all the ingredients in a blender, and strain into the bowl of a stand mixer;
Whip at high speed until fluffy and firm;
Spread onto silpat or lightly oiled acetate, before dehydrating for a minimum of 2 hours at 43 celsius;
Reserve dry under vacuum.

Apricot gelato

350 grams Milk
135 grams Sugar
15 grams Glucose
100 grams Cream
340 grams Apricot puree
50 grams Willpowder gelato base* (Coming soon)
60 grams Egg yolk

Prepare a gelato in the traditional style:
Bring cream, milk and sugars to a boil;
Add gelato base, and give a quick boil;
Off the heat, add the egg yolks (previously mixed with a small quantity of sugar) and gently cook;
Mix well, strain, allow to cool, and then add puree;
Process according to manufacturer’s instructions.