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This recipe is broken down into six components:

White chocolate toblerone 

Raw white chocolate (Big Tree Farms) 150 grams
Ginger palm sugar (Big Tree Farms) 150 grams

Melt white chocolate in double boiler.  Mix in sugar.  Roll out thinly between layers of acetate, and cut into desired shape.  Reserve cold, or if you live in Bali, frozen.

Walnut tuile

Butter 30 grams
Walnut oil 10 grams
Walnut puree 50 grams
Willpowder tapioca maltodextrin 5 grams
Flour 35 grams
Icing sugar 30 grams
Egg white 30 grams

Using a robot coupe, mix all ingredients, reserving the flour for last, and folding it in by hand.  Roll out thinly between two pieces of parchment paper and bake at 160 Celsius until deep tanning occurs.

 Caramel cream

Cream 360 grams
Sugar 106 grams
Willpowder iota carrageenan .76 grams
Willpowder kappa carrageenan .14 grams

Caramelize sugar strongly.  Deglaze with hot cream.  Boil mix with carrageenans.  Shear (mix) for two minutes with a hand blender.  Strain.  Allow to set for 2 to 4 hours.  Whip at high speed in stand mixer, and reserve in a piping bag.

Muscovado granite

Water 250 grams
Muscovado sugar 83.3 grams
Willpowder methylcellulose f50 .66 grams
Gelatin 1.2 leaves

Boil water and sugar.  Disperse methylcellulose here.  Add bloomed gelatin.  Set in blast chiller.  Vacuum seal and keep cold for 2 to 4 hours.  Mix again with hand blender and whip over high speed until fluffy as can be.  Pipe into acetate tubes and blast chill.  Stock frozen.

Espresso caramel (1 kluwak is to be added here)

Sugar 125 grams
Espresso 250 grams

Make a caramel and deglaze with espresso.  Add kluwak and reduce slowly overnight.  Strain before using. 

Sorbet mangosteen

Litchi puree 350 grams
Mangosteen puree 700 grams
Glucose 80 grams
Water 130 grams
Sugar 160 grams
Willpowder blend stabilizer for sorbets 3 grams

Make a sorbet syrup with all the ingredients except the fruits, taking care to mix the stabilizer in well.  Allow the syrup to cool, then mix well with fruits.  Freeze or process immediately.